Boudoir Bizarre, March 17, 2018
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Beware of scam artists selling fake tickets on party websites.
Only buy your tickets through adresses listed here.
Fake tickets will leave you stranded outside,
all alone, deserted, in the cold... :-(

30,00 online presale,
35,00 at the door

Get your online tickets here
e-Tickets need to be printed out. We don not accept e-Tickts on cellphones.


Presale Fetish Shops:
(Tickets now available)
DEMASK, Amsterdam, 020-4233090
MISTER B., Amsterdam, 020-7883060
MAIL & FEMALE, Amsterdam, 020-6234506
DIABOLO, Amsterdam, 020-6233916
RINGS OF PLEASURE, Haarlem, 023-5425181
LACED UP, Utrecht, 030-2333266
GABRIELL CLOTHING, The Hague, 070-3654163
THE FUNHOUSE, The Hague, 070-2125468
MY SIN, Rotterdam, 010-4046568
SUBLIEM, Rotterdam, 010-4763680
WOW, Eindhoven, 040-2135353
ON TOP OF LOVE, Den Bosch, 073-6100011
LIBERTINE'S, Middelburg, 0118-638368
DESIRE SHOP, Alkmaar, 072-7850245

The venue works with PIN and cash for the Bar.
Cash only for the toilets, Lockers and Tickets at the door.