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Not really able to post a flyer on your time line, but still wanna
WIN WIN WIN free tickets to Boudoir Bizarre? Read on...

Boudoir Bizarre, December 15th, 2018 Boudoir Bizarre, December 15th, 2018
Photo: Peter Diablow, Model: Kiet Katharsis Flyer: Nico2000

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Not everybody can place flyers for a Fetish Party on their social Media pages, so we offer another way to win free tickets. A little more discreet. How you ask? Well, simple...

Go to our Facebook event page:

Click on "SHARE" and invite as many friends as you can, but at least five.
Then let us know you did, we'll check it and you are in.

And that's as easy as we can make it... :-)

Of course you can also do the flyer thing to enter the raffle...

We are making the "GOING" flyers for whoever wants the whole world know they are going to Boudoir Bizarre on December 15th. If you want your own personal GOING flyer, send a fun photo of yourself to us and we will make one for you, so you can post it on all your Social Media Accounts, or where ever else you like.


But... There's more...
If you post your GOING flyer on your Social Media Accounts, let us know where and you can be one of five lucky winners to win TWO FREE TICKETS to our party.
"How exactly", you ask...???

Well... Send us a fun picture of yourself by email, or by one of the Social Media accounts listed here below. We will make it into a flyer and send it right back to you. Make sure you also send us your email adres with it, so we can notify you, should you be one of the lucky winners.

Once you posted your flyer on one, (or all) of your Social Media accounts, let us know where we can see it and you'are done... Be aware, we have to be able to verify it, make sure we actually can see the post.

We will announce the 5 lucky winners on December 8th, 2018. GOOD LUCK...!!!

Send your picture with your email adres to:
SDC mail to profile: BOUDOIRBIZARRE

If you already bought your tickets, we'll give you the free ticket for the next edition.
This win action closes on December 8th, 2018. No contest, or correspondence is possible for this win action.

On line tickets now available:


And at these shops:
DEMASK, Amsterdam, 020-4233090
MISTER B., Amsterdam, 020-7883060
MAIL & FEMALE, Amsterdam, 020-6234506
DIABOLO, Amsterdam, 020-6233916
RINGS OF PLEASURE, Haarlem, 023-5425181
LACED UP, Utrecht, 030-2333266
THE FUNHOUSE, The Hague, 070-2125468
SUBLIEM, Rotterdam, 010-4763680
WOW, Eindhoven, 040-2135353
ON TOP OF LOVE, Den Bosch, 073-6100011
HIDDEN SECRETS, Almere, 06-28533167
DESIRE SHOP, Alkmaar, 072-7850245
INDECENT, Beverwijk, 06-38609466 - - - - - - - - - - - DJ-Guide
The BDSM Events Page - EROTIC-ART-Fotostudio

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