Boudoir Bizarre, December 15th, 2018
Photo: Peter Diablow, model: Kiet Katharsis


Main Dancefloor
Dance your Fetish ass off to the sounds of the Five Main Floor DJ's

Alt Dancefloor
Dance your Gothic ass off to the sounds of the Three Alt Floor DJ's

Trance Lounges
Chill and relax but still enjoy the sounds of the DJ's. These lounges are situated next to the main Dancefloor

Entrance Lounge area
Want to get away frome the decibels for a minute? This is where you go

Big BDSM Playroom on the Balcony
Area decorated with all sorts of BDSM equipment. Spank and whip, Dominate and obey, all up to you

Sensual Massages
Masseur M. again ready and able to take your mind of your worries and your body into blissful relaxation

Fetish Shop by:

Smoke Lounge
If you must? Comfortable and well ventilated and a very nice place to relax and chat

Guarded Wardrobe
Lockers available and guarded wardrone service for the bigger bags and luggage - - - - - - - - - - - - - - DJ-Guide - The BDSM Events Page - EROTIC-ART-Fotostudio