Boudoir Bizarre, October 15th, 2016

Photos: Peter Diablow, Model: Anita Divina, Shopped, Flyer & Website: Nico2000


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Boudoir Bizarre

Boudoir Bizarre, A Fetish event like no other. The true underground of Fetish. Not just a commercial, Kinky Dancemusic Party with people in cheap webshop outfits, but a party is for the True Fetishists, BDSM players, Goths, Bizarres and Cyberoticsa and Pervs. Real Fetish shows, Real BDSM acts, Real Bizarre Walk arounds. Browse the website to see who's on stage and who's spinning. Don't miss out on the last Genuine "Old School" Fetish Party.

October 15th, already the third edition of the renewed Boudoir Bizarre likes to welcome and surprise you.

Two different dance areas will provide you the musical vibe that you need. We invite you to try out the play equipment in our different roopms. Discover the large, mysterious areas and get creative. Enjoy the Fetish Theatre which will amaze you with new sexy and outrageous performances. There will be entertainment for the mind, the body and the soul. Sexy Go Go dancers will inspire you and our walk around ladyís who are completely covered in rubber will mesmerize you. Let us indulge you with fresh fruit, candy and ice cream, champagne and Absinthe and enough lounge sofaís to get to know each other closer.

Let this October edition amaze you. At Boudoir Bizarre, itís OUR pleasure to invite you to the party we made for YOUR desires. Be yourself, be part of the Fetish Summer vibe. Be a part of Boudoir Bizarre. And remember,

at Boudoir Bizarre everybody is a V.I.P.
So dress like V.I.P. Act like V.I.P.
And we will treat you like V.I.P. !!!

Pictures of the July 2nd edition coming soon

Check out pics of earlier editions here.

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